Fitzgeralds – History

In 1979, Fitzgeralds opened as the Sundance Hotel and took on its current name in 1987. Barden Nevada Gaming LLC acquired three Fitzgerald Properties in Dec 2001, and the hotel was spun out as a privately owned asset of Barden Development Inc. two years later.

In May 2008, it was reported in the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Don Barden was pledging his downtown Las Vegas property to generate a $35-million equity stake in a slots-only casino in Pittsburgh, making a sale likely for Fitzgeralds Casino and Hotel. It was subsequently reported, however, that Barden had no need to sell Fitzgeralds to maintain a stake in the slots-only casino in Pittsburgh and that it would remain an asset which he could use to generate cash for his struggling gambling portfolio. At the end of that year, however, a business analyst was prompted to ask: “Could the recession deal a fatal blow to one or more downtown Las Vegas casinos?”, clearly referring to a possible sale of Fitzgerald’s.