Striptease The Show

Striptease The Show is an ultra sexy and fun topless production that has a dazzling display of elaborate sets and state of the art props.

Striptease The Show stars the sophisticated and tantalizing Taya Parker (2009 Pent­house Pet of the Year and Win­ner of VH1’s Brett Michaels “Rock of Love”) accompanied with an array of other exquisite headliner beauties; this show will captivate and titillate your every erotic desire. Perfecting the art of Striptease, the cast of sexy performers takes burlesque to a whole new fresh level. Alluring and glamorous yet upbeat and humorous, this high end ultra sexy and fun late night topless show will arouse your deepest desires. Classy and elegant yet marked by sexual desire these voluptuous vixens will leave you teetering on the edge of your seat. Elaborate sets, a dazzling display of “bling” and state of the art props along with sumptuous music will truly help mark your Las Vegas experience.


In Striptease, layers and layers are removed until you are left with the perfect undressed package. The cast of seven incredibly sexy women and one perfectly built man will walk you down the road of erotic fantasy. Some of our striptease acts are playful, some are erotic and for the naughty boys and girls out there we even have a little dominance too. It is our belief when you leave our show you will learn something about what turns you on!

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“Striptease The Show was indeed an upbeat celebration. It’s a respectable new contender”
Mike Weatherford – Las Vegas Review-Journal

“The shower scene marks a fitting climax for a show that temps and teases from start to finish”
Jack Houston – Las Vegas Magazine

“For the first time in one show, you will see provocative numbers from several striptease genres of the different styles of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and today. This is not like any striptease show you have ever seen”
Sandy Zimmerman – Las Vegas Tribune Newspaper

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Alluring and glamorous yet humorous and upbeat this high-end ultra sexy topless show will arouse your deepest desires and fully complete the Las Vegas experience.
Striptease The Show is a must see high end production show!

Striptease The Show at the Sahara Hotel and Casino is the ultimate journey of indulgence and fantasy.

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