Sans Souci 1955-1963


In 1932, Rooster was served with abatement papers for serving alcohol during prohibition. Morris and Marcelle Smith went to court in an attempt to gain dismissal of the abatement but were defeated. On November 1, 1932, Rooster announced its new opening under new managementOn July 8, 1933, the Rooster was destroyed by fire. The building and fixtures were fully covered by insurance and the loss was estimated at $25,000.On December 30, 1933, the Rooster announced its grand reopening under the management of Morris and Ben Chaplin.On April 20, 1937, John R. Golding had purchased half interest in the Rooster.In 1942, the San Souci Auto Court opened next to the Red Rooster.In 1947, vaudeville headliner/film star Grace Hayes bought the Rooster and renovated it, naming it the Gracie Hayes Lodge.This property changed hands and names various times. In 1948 it was renamed Red Rooster with owners Gracie Hayes and W.W. Cole, and in 1949, the owner was stated as W.W. Cole.In 1949, San Souci had changed its name to San Souci Court.In 1950, the name was changed to Martello’s Red Rooster and during that same year San Souci became known as San Souci Auto & Trailer Court.Apparently in 1951, the name was changed back to Red Rooster with Hayes again owning it. In 1953, it changed to the Hi-Ho Club owned by Joe Cohen & Max Stettner. On May 4, 1954, the name was changed to The Patio Club by Cohen and Stettner.The Patiowas designed by Tom Douglas. It was stated that it was so brightly lit, that it can be seen by downtown.In 1955, San Souci had become a corporation and was known as Sans Souci Hotel, Inc.Apparently The Patio didn’t do well as during this year its name was changed to The Rendezvous. In 1956, Hayes got involved in the property again and changed its name back to Gracie Hayes Lodge. Hayes was the first on the Strip in December 1956, to put up Christmas lighting around the entrance to her lodge. All mention of Gracie Hayes Lodge/Red Rooster clan disappeared after this year.In August of 1958, Sans Souci filed bankrupcty in the amount of $1 million. Several plans were presented to Federal Judge Ross for reoganization.The larger and modernized The Sans Souci Hotel Casino opened in March of 1960, with Joe Medure named as President.The Sans Souci contained 100 deluxe rooms and apartments. It advertised a telephone in each room, refrigerated air-conditioning, a snack bar, and a swimming pool. In the front of the resort was Dinah’s Pancake and Chicken House..


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