Hard Rock – Film and Media


  • The hotel was featured in the film Con Air where the fugitive plane crashes through the hotel’s prominent Fender Stratocaster guitar
  • The guitar was also featured in Honey, I Blew Up the Kid in which two-year-old Adam Szalinski plays the giant guitar before dropping it.
  • The entrance to Hard Rock was used in the movie 21.
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Music Videos

  • The canadian hard rock group My Darkest Days filmed their video for “Porn Star Dancin‘” at the Vanity nightclub in 2010.

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  • The hotel is also featured prominently in the 3rd season episode “Vegas Baby, Vegas!” of Entourage
  • It also appears in the season 1 episode “The Strip” of Fox’s The O.C.
  • The guitar sign of the hotel was also featured in Urban Strike as a primary target in Las Vegas Mission.
  • Rehab and its security, bartending, and waitressing staffs are the subject of a reality TV series on TruTV entitled Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel.
  • The Hotel is where the cast of the 25th season of the The Real World resides and where The Real World: Las Vegas is filmed. Las Vegas’ premiere on March 9, 2011 drew 1.7 Million viewers to clinch the most viewers for its time slot (10pm) across all of TV from ages 12-35.
  • MTV’s Bam’s Unholy Union

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