Club Bingo 1947-1952

Club Bingo opened on July 24, 1947, on Highway 91, across the street from El Rancho Vegas. The land that Club Bingo occupied was owned by Mel D. Close, Sr. Milton Prell, owned Club Bingo. The 300 seat bingo parlor was its main attraction, but the club offered all the other casino games as well. On opening night Club Bingo raffled off a new Cadillac. A gentleman who owned a hamburger stand off of Fremont Street won.In 1949, comedian Stan Irwin was booked for 11 days and stayed for eight months. After just four days into his venue, McDonald asked Irwin if he would like to manage the Bonanza Room of which he accepted. He then was promoted to Public Relations and Promotions.

In 1952, Close sold the land Club Bingo occupied to Milton Prell, Al Winter, and a group from Portland, Oregon. Stars such as Kay Starr as well as others convinced Prell to build a hotel on the land. Prell had the financial backing of A. Pollard Simon. Contractor Del Webb was given a 20% interest in lieu of payment for his company’s work.


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